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Poetry is the language of the soul, the deep heart, the essential breath of Life. To me, poetry is what the Universe would say if it had a human voice.

To write Life one must become Life, allowing the impulses of poetry to flow out of primal things that have sung together through all ages and shall sing together forever. In truth it is fire, water, air, earth — trees, rocks, bird song and the freedom of sky — that most directly work to meld and mold the heart back into its primal knowing and unfold its deeper sensitivities. In this way, slowly, poem by poem emergent from silence within the Great Silence, the Actual Universe opens too, with all its mystery and terrifying beauty, to reveal within its highest, most sublime heart, that limitless beauty and goodness we call Love.

These pages hold in audio recordings and printed forms many poetic and prose meditations on various themes, from the Divine Beauty of Infinite Love to sustainable living, sex and sensuality and yes, even death. Good journeys.

Blake Steele

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