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A God To Desire

From the Introduction:

This book series is specifically designed to inspire and guide you towards spiritual healing and transformation. Through a unique blend of words and images, scriptures, poems and exercises, it gives you tools to take spiritual reality from a mental understanding to a heart experience where all the good things happen.

A God To Desire points to a beautiful God of infinite Love. The God who created this vast universe is always, in every way, greater than we can imagine. This is the God who is intimately here, the fountain of Life that makes us fully alive, the Love that frees and heals us. As we grow more spiritually receptive to a God more loving than we can imagine we awake to the wonder of an open, spiritual universe, full of beauty, alive with God. This is the kingdom of heaven that Jesus proclaimed.
Being Loved
From the Introduction

Being Loved focuses on an essential key to spiritual growth, that only to the degree we allow ourselves to be loved and blessed by God will we have the capacity to share His Love with our world. To receive unconditional love makes us joyous, openhearted, and able to love and accept others with a grace of life that is infectious.

It is my heartfelt wish that this little book becomes a warm companion and helpful tool for you on your journey towards spiritual freedom.
From the Introduction:

As I worked on this manuscript I realized how extensive a subject forgiveness is. There is God’s forgiveness of the world and of us as individuals. Then our forgiveness of ourselves, letting go of self-judgments, some of which we have held since we were children; also letting go of judgments we project on others; our forgiveness of those who have truly hurt us; asking forgiveness of those we have hurt; our forgiveness of the world; and even our forgiveness of God.

This is a little book. Therefore I can only briefly touch upon these important subjects with the hope that you might be inspired to embrace the gift of forgiveness in all its dimensions and thus become the freest, most beautiful person you can be for the glory of God.
Creative Compassion
From the Introduction
Creative Compassion focuses on God’s compassion and creativity, and our call to become our most genuine selves, freely expressing His Love and beauty in the world.

It is my heartfelt wish that God will use this little book to inspire your own unique gifts and dreams towards their complete fulfillment in Him.

Let your love be tamed by wisdom—
then make it wild with beauty.
Blake Steele
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